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The application of connectors is very wide used today, such as Industrial Automation & Sensors, aerospace, ocean engineering, communication and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, electronics, medical, each field of the requirements for connectors are different, We adhere to the core needs of customers based on continuous technological innovation, with the best quality to provide processing services!

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Background of M12 Connectors and Industrial Automation Field

M12 connector is an electronic connector with a round appearance, usually used to connect sensors, actuators, automation equipment, robots and other equipment and systems in industrial automation. In industrial automation, M12 connectors have become a widespread connector because of its small size, high reliability and reliable protection performance, which can adapt to the requirements of harsh production environments and high-speed movement of equipment. It can transmit power and signals and has a wide range of applications in industrial automation.

Rail transit

With a very high bandwidth requirement, intended to be used in Passenger Information Systems, Video Surveillance applications, as well as internet access to address increasing demand for travelling comfort. M12,M16, M23, RD24 connectors are used offten.

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Aerospace & UAV Field

To support reliable signal and data transmission under harsh environment about civil aircraft, M series product including: M5, M8, M9, M10 connector etc can be used in this industry.

Ocean engineering

For Ships & marine engineering, which involves such as ships, yachts, ferries, cruise ships, radar, GPS navigation, and autopilot. Especially used M8,M12, 7/8 connector.

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Communication and data transmission

Telecommunications & network take a big role in people’s life and communications. Yilian connection offers high-performance and reliable connector solutions for transmission systems, basis stations, data and network servers, routers, monitors etc, like Push-pull K Series, M12, M16 connectors.

New energy vehicles

Which can be used in wind power stations, wind turbines, solarpower stations, inverters, and natural gas, hydraulic power plants, simple toinstall, fast and reliable. Customized solutions provide one-stop service for specific needs. M12, M23, RD24, 3+10, ND2+5, ND2+6 connectors are used common.

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Industrial Automation & Sensors

The main role of industrial connectors is to design Ethernet connections in harsh environments, Yilian connection M20, 7/8“, M23, RD24, DIN, Junction Boxes and so on. can provide M series circular connectors, including M5, M8, M9, M10, M12, M16,

Test Measurement

Yilian connection can provide M series circular connectors, including M5, M8, M9, M10, M12, M16, DIN, Valve Plug and so on. In this field, that Yilian can provide PUSH-PULL products, including B/K/S series. M series and PUSH PULL product can meet the signal connectingunder various cases between sensor and measurement instruments.

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Outdoor lighting industry

Widely used in the outdoor lighting industry, covering all types of connectors in this industry.