M Series Circular Connectors

Electrical Circular Connectors

M5/M8/M12/M16/M20/7/8”/M23 serving as different application and requirement

M12 connectors, M8 connectors, M5 connectors, push-pull self-locking connectors, plug and pull connectors, threaded connectors, etc., these connectors have different names because of different electrical performance parameters, but no matter what kind of connectors, they can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, electric power, machinery, automation and electrical services and other industries.

The design of M series connectors is highly scientific and complex, and its design requirements must meet international quality standards to ensure product quality. Connector customization is also a time-consuming and laborious work, according to the special requirements of customers, connector design, material, shape and other details are required to be perfect, in order to meet customer requirements. M12 M8 M5 threaded connectors are also a commonly used connector, they have high tensile strength, strong carrying capacity, reliable fastening and other characteristics, used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other industries, can meet the requirements of different occasions, is an irreplaceable accessory. In addition, waterproof connectors are also a commonly used connector, they usually use multi-layer sealing technology, can effectively prevent water vapor and oil vapor infiltration, very safe and reliable when used in humid environments, is an indispensable part of modern industry.

M series is designed typically for industrial process measurement and control according to IEC standard, offering secure and reliable data as well as superior power transmission performance. Besides the industrial applications, M series is also an ideal solution for a compact design where the environmental protection and stable connection are required.

Shenzhen Yilink provides a comprehensive product range of M series, including M5 / M8 / M12 / 7/8" and M23, available in receptacle, overmolded cable, field installable and accessory.

Pin Color Arrangement:


M5 Waterproof Connectors Features: 
Series: M5 Connectors
Coded: A
Pin: 3Pin/4Pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: 1A
Rated Voltage: 60V AC/DC
Waterproof Degree:  IP67/IP68
Shielding:  Optional
Molded Type:
Straight/Right Angle
Panel Mount Type:
With Solder Cup/PCB/Welding Wires

With IEC 61076-2-105 Standard, M5 connectors are available with 3 and 4 poles and are equipped with a threaded ring with an anti-vibration lock. The protection class is IP67/IP68. The cable parts of M5 connector have overmoulded cables. The outer diameter is 6.5 mm. The rated voltage is 60 V, the max. current is 1 A.
Anti-vibration locking screw design
RoHS & REACH Compliance
The cable material have pur or pvc for choose.Length according to customer demand
Equivalent to Binder, Phoenix Application:M5 electronic components for applications such as machine condition monitoring, thickness gages, video probe for remote inspection and soil moisture sensors.

M8 Waterproof Connectors Features: 
Series: M8 Connectors
Coded: A B
Pin: 3Pin/4Pin/5Pin/6Pin/8Pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: 1.5-4A
Rated Voltage: 30-60V AC/DC
Waterproof Degree:  IP67/IP68
Shielding:  Optional
Molded Type:
Straight/Right Angle
Panel Mount Type: With Solder Cup/PCB
Field Wireable:
Solder Type/Screw Type/Welding Wires

M8 Connectors & Cable Assemblies are small, industrial M8 connectors developed to meet the demand for increased signal carrying capabilities in space-saving designs. M8 Connectors & Cable Assemblies offer 1.5A rated current,30 voltage, and ≥ 100 MΩ insulation resistance. M8 Connectors & Cable Assemblies provide IP65/IP67 protection and meets IEC 61076-2-104 standards with a surge voltage category II and Pollution degree of 3. The M8 series is available in male and female panel mount connectors and cable assemblies. 

M8 PCB connectors are front and rear bulkhead mounted M8 connectors designed for easy handling on the PCB and compatibility with wave soldering processes. M8 PCB connectors include an incorporated wire clip with an integrated PCB retention feature to secure it in the PCB during the reflow process, individual wires come stripped and pre-tinned ready for soldering.

Electronics, Automotive, Transportation, Medical, Oil Exploration,Industry,Aviation, Metro Device, Bank Device, Network Project


Circular connectors in metric sizes M5 to M12 have become thestandard for manyindustries and applications.
Contactors are designed in accordance with international standardsto provide connection solutions for signal, data and power transmissionin the equipment.

M12 Circular Connectors Features: 
Series: M12 Connectors
Coded: A B D X S T L M K
Pin: 3Pin/4Pin/5Pin/8Pin/12Pin/17Pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: 1.5-4A
Rated Voltage: 30-250V AC/DC
Waterproof Degree:  IP67/IP68
Shielding:  Optional
Molded Type: Straight/Right Angle
Panel Mount Type: With Solder Cup/PCB
Field Wireable: Solder Type/Screw Type/Welding Wires

• The M12 circular connector that we produce conform to international standard for IEC61076-2-101 with M12*1.0 screw locking.
• Waterproof rating is IP67/IP68, protected from dust and water during immersion,resistant to many oils and chemical

• M12 offers many different cable connectors, panel mounted receptacles, field attachable/installable connectors and its accessories. Connectors have industry- standard A, B, D ,X,S,T,K,Lcoding, for both screw-locking and quick-locking system. Yilink Provides the M12 Panel Mount Receptacles /Field Wireable Cable Plug /Adapters / Pre-mold Cable,Our connectors are plastic assembly type and metal shield type. The number of pins and sockets of the socket are: 3 pins, 3socket, 4pins, 4socket, 5 pins, 5 socket, 8 pins, and 8socket. The M8 cable plug product matched with the M8 socket product is directly casted into a cable. The length of the cable can be specified by the user, such as 1 meter, 2 meters, 10 meters, etc. Joint form: straight, angle. The pin sockets are copper plated with gold. Service life: 1000 times. Customized production can be accepted by users. which can be selected according to the needs of the use environment.

M16 Waterproof Connectors Features: 
Series: M16 AISG Connectors
Pin: 2pin /3(DIN)pin /4pin /5pin /5(Stereo)pin
6(DIN)pin /7pin /7(DIN)pin /8(DIN)pin /12pin
14pin /14(DIN)pin /16pin /19pin /24pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: 1-7A
Rated Voltage: 60-250V AC/DC
Waterproof Degree:  IP67/IP68
Shielding:  Optional
Molded Type: Straight/Right Angle
Panel Mount Type: With Solder Cup/PCB
Field Wireable: Solder Type/Screw Type/Welding Wires

Metal locking ring; screw locking according to DIN EN 60130-9 / IEC 60130-9
• Internal strain relief
• Good shielding effectiveness when mated and locked
• Male and female cable connectors
- Straight or right angled
- Solder connection: 2 – 8, 12 and 14 contacts
- Crimp connection: 2 – 8 contacts
- With cable sleeve for max. cable diameter 6 mm, or
- With cable glands for cable diameter 4 – 6 mm or 6 – 8 mm
• Male and female receptacles
- Panel mount types for front or rear panel mounting
- Pcb mount types, straight or right angled
- With dip solder contacts of various contact lengths
- Solder connection: 2 – 8, 12 and 14 contacts
- Crimp connection: 2 – 8 contacts
• Coloured back shells optional Compatible with Binder original connector
Equivalent connectors Multiple contacts with solder and PCB type
M16 series
High quality compatible circular connectors with Binders 680 518 678 series
Lower cost
Light weight
Screw termination M16 with shielding function
Solder and PCB type contacts are available


Automotive, Audio-video, Aviation, Communications, Industrial Control, Information Systems, and Machines, Medical, Military, Test and Measurement, Data Acquisition, Data Transfer Equipment. Module Power, Sensor, Sensor Systems Instrumentation, Analysis Application.

M23 Waterproof Connectors Features: 
Series: M23 Connectors(M623/M923)
Pin: M623:4Pin 6Pin 7Pin 9Pin 12Pin 16Pin 17Pin 19Pin
  M923:6Pin 8Pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: M623:8-20A M923:28A
Rated Voltage: M623:125-300V  M923:600V
Waterproof Degree:  IP67
Shielding:  Yes
Panel Mount Type: Solder Type
Field Wireable: Crimping Type/Solder Type


M23 for Power Series with multi-core(6-19 core) design to fit with different industrial needs within below key features:
1:The shell is made of Brass with chrome plating and has good fireproof, compressive, anti-explosive and anti-deformation

2:Gold-plated contacts, high-strength corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, can electively cope with changes in
temperature rise that caused by current;

3:Threaded coupling is easy to operate and easy to install;

4:Current rating:8A/10A/20A/28A

5: The product is IP67 rated in the connected condition.

Usage and installation methods
Plug-ins are also called electric connectors. They are known as industrial connectors and socketsand often used unshielded multi-core
cables and can play a role in transmitting current or signals, fix cable tampering, shielded grounding, and waterproof dust protection.Yilink
has developed a high-load plug-in connector, which can be installed quickly. The installation seat(socket) can be fixed by M3 screws, M25/M20 and
other specifications such as box thread holes, and various specifications box holes. The connection between the cable connection plug(plug) and the
installation seat(socket) is only required to be tightened and fixed by the self-tightening nut,and the installation is flexible and convenient.


The products of Yilink refer to rail transit, new energy vehicles, industrial automation, energy, photovoltaics, stage  lighting, exhibitions,medical, agriculture and other fields.

7/8'' Waterproof Connectors Features: 
Series: 7/8'' Connectors
Pin: 3Pin/4Pin/5Pin/6Pin
Gender: Female/Male
Rated Current: 9-13A
Rated Voltage: 300V AC/DC
Waterproof Degree:  IP67/IP68
Shielding:  Optional
Molded Type: Straight/Right Angle
Panel Mount Type: With Solder Cup/PCB
Field Wireable: Solder Type/Screw Type/Welding Wires

Connector Body: PA66+GF
Contacts: Phosphorus copper with gold plated
Screw/Nut: Brass with nickel plated
Waterproof 0-ring: FKM
Glue: Black epoxy resin
Wire Jacket: PVC
Contact Resistance: ≤10mΩ
Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ


This series connectors are widely used in the aerospace, military, automotive, electric power, mechanical, automation, as well as the electrical service industry. We design and produce according to international and the U.S. military standard, our products can substitute European, US and Taiwan connectors, own the same quality.