Learn about M12 waterproof connector’s characteristic

M12 connector is a circular connector with 12 mm lock thread, according to different installation methods can be divided into: pre-molded type, panel mount type, field wireable  installation, according to the use of different scenarios are divided into different codes, mainly: A code /B code: contains 3 4 5 6 8 12 17 core, mainly used for signal transmission, D code: 4-core, for Ethernet and Profinet, X-coded: 8 core, for Ethernet, other T coding (4 core), S coding (4 core), K coding (4+PE), M coding (5+PE), L coding (4+PE) mainly use high-power product needs, the highest power can reach more than 10,000 watt-hours, of which the most special Y coding is a hybrid type of coding, It can take into account the functions of power supply and signal transmission at the same time, and customers can choose the corresponding core number and coding according to their actual needs.

M12 connectors can be divided into: Pre-molded type, panel mount type, field wireable installation, M12 panel connector is mainly fixed in the box and other products, usually not often disassembled, according to the space and practical application, sub-welded and PCB patch type, and M12 panel connector to insert the use of pre-molded type and field installation type, M12 pre-molded type connector is generally used for a single specification, large number of projects, Suppliers can be unified processing, saving customers a lot of labor costs and time costs, field installation is divided into welding type and screw fixed, flexible installation, generally used for a wide range of specifications, a small number of projects that need to take into account the actual situation of the site.

M12 waterproof connectors are mainly used in actuators, sensors, industrial Ethernet and fieldbus automation equipment, but also includes other agriculture, alternative energy, communications, factory automation, measurement and control, robotics and transportation, in the connector, IO module and cable assembly plate, but also provides a complete set of solutions.

Finally, M12 type connector, M12 assembly connector, M12 panel connector are male female head, straight head elbow, shielded and unshielded models for customers to choose.

In addition, Shenzhen Yilian connection Technology Co., Ltd. also has a variety of T type, Y type, I type, one out of three, one out of four, one out of five and other adapter head, at the same time, our company has a strong R & D capability, to undertake OEM ODM projects, looking forward to working with you.


Post time: Apr-07-2024